Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Who'd have thought installing a SATA disk would be so much hassle?

I was installing a fresh Windows box with a Seagate 120 GB SATA disk for system drive. First of all, making Windows find the bloody thing during installation required illogical BIOS settings. (SATA RAID off). The same setting made the disk unbootable. So either run the system with an empty disk, or fill the disk but don't run the system.

Oh but you can specify a SATA driver during installation by pressing F6 and having a floppy handy. Yes, a floppy, who uses them anymore? So take down all machines and move floppy drives around. :( Ok, now we got a floppy. Put in CD, press F6, select driver, wait wait wait. Everything installs. But, still no go. Find a forum post that says the floppy that comes with the mother board is sometimes not the right one! (Great ABit, great!)

Well it finally works! Only 3 hours spent on a non-problem.

Monday, August 29, 2005

New Box

I'm back! Wee.

Lotta's new computer has arrived, just need to pick it up. And get some net cables. Leffe will drive!

Uhm, that's probably it.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Going on a little "vacation". Take care everyone!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Engine Room Finished!

So I've decided to finish this up and call it done now. It's not as complete as I wanted it (one room is missing), but I'm out of grays and I want to use them for other projects.

I wish I had radar dishes in gray so the dilithium thingie would be all gray.

BrickShelf folder (when moderated)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


At least I got to play a little; some have been waiting since 11.00 and still are.. :o

Monday, August 15, 2005


Yeeesh shon, your shtinking up the whole room with yer oranges.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Eddie Paskey

Yay, I got a reply to my e-mail to Eddie Paskey today. I wonder if he'll be upset if I drill him for names.

And my mom's here.

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Current projects

I'm working on some current projects. Here's a run-down.

TOS Engine Room

I'm building a LEGO model of the engine room seen in the original Star Trek series. Running out of grey now, but my plan is to finish the back wall and the two side walls of the larger chamber. Link.

NA Teela
Slowly putting some colors on Battle_Brak's New Adventures Teela pic seen here.

Web-based RPG
Working on a PHP/mysql Web-based MMORPG-like game set in the He-Man universe. No more details at this time. Pretty much code done though. Design and gameplay is mostly adapted from World of Warcraft. ;)

School work
Yeah, I've have some things to finish for my degree. Not motivated. Never seen a job ad where a degree was a requirement anyway. Always "be 20 years old with 30 years work experience". Bah.

WoW Characters
Got a few WoW characters running. Basically given up on my 60 Hunter on Aszune (named Droxine ironically). Now playing a level 25 Mage on a PvP server (Stormscale). Joined a guild tonight that will start fresh on the new PvP server coming this wednesday. Hopefully I'll have time to play both and not abandon my friends on Stormscale. Dunno what to do with the alts on Aszune.

omg first!!!11

Everyone who's read a gaming forum knows what that topic means. ;) Not gonna do it again, promise.

So I surrendered and started a blog. Named it after a Star Trek episode where all the artists and creative people live in a beautiful city floating on the clouds and all the workers live down below on the planet. Although what the title really meant was that the city dwellers where all minding the clouds.

How this relates to me is that I pretty much only mind the clouds. I'm unemployed, mooch off my girlfriend's money, really no interest in a career, don't want a driver's license. Spend my days building LEGO's, playing WoW or any other non-productive thing. This blog will also not contain much emotions or political musings.

I'll promise to let you know when I finish something creatively though. :)